Rescue Collies


   in South Australia :
 fortunately very few Collies seem to require real 'rescue' in South Australia,
 but occasionally a dog or his family falls on hard times, and sad & confusing
as it must be, re-homing can sometimes offer a dog a wonderful second chance,
and the relinquishing family the reassurance that
there is support available for
their beloved pet, among people who also understand and love the Collie breed.

      No Collies in need are currently available for adoption in South Australia.


Interstate & Australia-wide...
            understandably, this information changes frequently, and while  we of the
             various  state branches maintain regular contact with 'HQ'
the most reliably
                 up-to-date information can be found at our joint  Australia-wide  web-site

The Australian Collie Rescue Network

                                      or try the Dogzonline Collie Rescue page

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