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    Our original family Collie 'Lady Jane', although she came from the RSPCA at the age of about 3, was the inspiration for what has become a lifetime commitment to the breed ... sadly, but inevitably of course, she died at the age of 15, just before Chrismas 1999.   
 She had many of the classic hallmarks of good breeding, but her failing eyesight from an early age also made me very conscious of the breed's history of genetic eye disorders, and determined to breed dogs as free of inherited problems as possible.  
We will continue to strive to produce a worthy successor, both in looks and personality to our late great old lady... 'Magic' was a great start, 'Angus' is continuing her lead, and we have great hopes for 'Ginnie' & 'Sage' .  
     The 'old guard' aren't necessarily very old, but have done their duty on the breeding side of operations and are now free to either pick up their other careers ... or not ...
    'Tess' for instance is distinctly 'old guard', and considers herself the Dowager
who lives to be pampered, but wouldn't like to miss a Veterans Obedience class
whenever one's on offer; while 'Magic's also now gladly finished with motherhood but remains my very best ever performer in both Obedience and Agility/Jumping;
and on ther home front, the finder of all things the others leave around or take outside without permission, or just can't find, and as such is indispensable to
all of us...

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waiting their turns at a trial : back row, from left: 'Angus' & 'Sage'
                       front: 'Magic', 'Tess', 'Bonus' & 'Ginnie'