About the Breeder

            Julie Brown, shown here at right with 'Sage' (07.01.07)
(Collieston Kentucky Sage CDX RA ADX JDX GD SDX SPDX) after winning the Novice Agility class (& her AD title) at the Royal Adelaide Show in September 2008.
I'm retired ( late 2007) from 'real work' (!) as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, & Veterinary Nurse, and have worked as a volunteer in various Animal Welfare organisations for forty years, with a special interest in the care of long-haired dogs
& cats; and manage the South Australian 'are' of Collie rescue.

   For many years and animals, my pets came to me as adults from welfare shelters, usually from dubious parentage & upbringing.  I had a magnificent shaded sable Collie called 'Prince' when I was a child, but it was my daughter's choice
of the lovely big-coated 'Lady Jane', then aged about 4 years old, from the Melbourne Lost Dogs' Home in 1988 that started me back on the path to collie-dom and eventually to 'Collieston'. 
It was that same daughter who in 1995 purchased 'Tess' ( Erinnvista Makemyn Roses CDX AD JD ET )
from Mary Chave's Erinvista Kennels, east of Melbourne, to be 'Lady Jane's companion, disciple and eventual replacement ... then joined the Navy ... and suddenly I had three dogs !
  We later found that 'Lady Jane' had also been beautifully bred before falling on hard times and unfortunate company, but  'Tess' was my first dog 'with papers',

  and my learning curve in the years since, in all matters canine has been steep but exhilarating, & like many animal-related interests, resembles a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, achievements, sadness, laughs & disappointments ... never dull ... peopled by some amazing characters, both human and canine, of all shapes & sizes, inclinations, history, personalities
& skills, and my life now would be very different and boring without them.

. Sadly my lovely 'Tess' left us in January 2011, but on good days, her two
granddaughters remind me of her, and on not so good days I wish they were more like her, though she always did things her way, which nade her
a very graceful but not necessarily competitive dog to work with, and she taught me heaps.

Erinvista Makemyn Roses CD AD JD ET (Tess)
   .. resting on her laurels, a practiced skill ....

     I've been an instructor in both Obedience and Agility for many years, and have held various positions on the committees of my training and breed clubs; am a registered breeder with the A.N.K.C., an instructoe and committee member of the Agility Dog Club of South Australia, and Dover Gardens Kennel & Obedience Club, and a licenced judge in Obedience, Agility, Games and Rally.

  'Collieston' will always be a small kennel, producing no more than one litter each year, as my dogs live as pets in my suburban house, and I have no wish to change that situation by expanding my numbers. I am also constrained by local Council requirements. As a result, the pups are extremely well socialised to human and household activities, mixing with the other five dogs and two cats in the household from the outset, and receiving early training to basic commands.
    I would prefer my 'offspring' go to homes where this close association with their new 'families' will be continued, as Collies are very people-oriented dogs, gentle and sensitive to human moods, and usually very playful, eager to learn and to please. Collies generally do not smell 'doggy', but obviously some commitment to grooming is essential, and a really good vacuum cleaner is recommended !  
     I am happy to discuss my beloved dogs further with anyone who is interested, but would suggest initial inquiries about the breed be directed to your State's Canine Association or Collie Club.   


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C. Spring Bonus and C. Spring Cedar awaiting dinner.