Collieston Family Members

Collieston Boys    
    Our boys are just for fun, not stud dogs, as they're too closely related to our girls,
  although certainly of show quality in looks and breeding, and their paws & genes   have been sought after on several occasions, but they don't have what it takes any   more and live as our beloved pets... not 'just' pets as pets are the most loved and   valued members of canine society, but pets nonetheless : their only responsibilities   are to be themselves, and thus bring us joy ( with occasional competition success   being appreciated too of course) and that they do with charm and generosity.
Collieston Spring Bonus CD ADX ADO JD GD SD SPD ET  
                 'Bonus' is a joy ... often a frustrating joy, but a joy nonetheless ..
       and he wasn't meant to be here at all ....
  He suffered major injuries at the age of 8 weeks, just as the pups were about
to go to their new homes, but as his prognosis was very poor, he stayed with us here for the rest of what was expected to be his short life; but it was not to be !...
   I had no expectations of him as a result, and entered him in the Collie National Obedience trial here in 2003 just to make up numbers, as he's never been trialled up till then .. and he won with 183/200 !..   and proceeded thereafter to his CD title without a fail, the only dog I've ever worked to achieve that ... I believe he has no imagination, so he just does the set exercises, unlike his Mum & sister who more often than not apparently considered it their duty to spice up their performances by improvising 'variations on a theme' ....
   Given 'Bo's limitations, he's done extremely well, and has proven a delightful big
     brother to puppies, and a wonderful 'teddy' bear' of a companion dog

    Collieston Angus Dundee CD AD JD GD SPD  
'Angus' is 'Magic's singleton son sired by Sharyn Ely's Ch. Joshwyn One More Nite
in late 2004. He lives a great life with an Adelaide suburban family, but with a side-
line in performance sports when he's allowed out to play with his canine family.
He too has done remarkably well given the part-time nature of our relationship & training opportunities : in the one year during which he's strutted his stuff in Obedience & Agility rings, he breezed through his CCD & CD titles with high scores, winning both the Novice Obedience and Novice Agility classes at Adelaide's Royal Show in 2007, and moving with good humour & poise between his 'real' home' and the slightly crazy world of doggy competition he inhabits during his visits here.   I'm very proud of this boy on several fronts & hope he can continue his winning ways in his his chosen fields for years to come.   
 Many thanks to the Brehmer family for 'lending' him back to me for these events.

Julie & 'Angus'with the Novice Agility
  award, Royal Adelaide Show, 2007